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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Husband, Super-Consumer...

My son is almost 3 years old, and like most toddlers becomes fixated on particular movies. Right now, it's Disney/pixar's Cars. Lightning McQueen is Jakes most obsessed over Character. Follow closely by Mater. 

He's got lines from the movie down pat,  and my husband is a BIG sucker for picking up stuff that will drive Jake gaga. 

From small to large figures of the characters to pencils with Mater and Luigi erasers, to the potty we are using to potty train Jake that revs it's engine instead of flushing, and a dozen other things that (in my opinion) our son definitely does not need as he ignores 50-70% of his existing toys Jake is getting very, very spoiled.

Last weekend, my darling hubby took Jake out during the morning and they stopped off at Princess Auto Parts. On the way out of the store Jake spotted miniature traffic cones which made his day. Why? Well for anyone that has watched cars, one of the main characters (Sally) owns a motel in the shape of traffic cones. Jake gleefully exclaimed "Look Daddy! Cozy cones!" and because they were inexpensive... We now own four small traffic cones. AS WELL as all of his other cars related toys. 



  1. Yeah...that doesn't really change much when they move onto age 4. Hunter still loves McQueen and Mater, now Spiderman...and and and.

    The worst part? My husband is a total doormat. And he works in a Dollar Store that sells licensed products....

    I feel your pain, honestly!

  2. On Sunday my husband attempted to buy a 50 dollar multiple level car garage toy at toys or us for Jake to replace his $5 "clean McQueen" car that he lost almost a month ago... I looked at him and asked him if Jake REALLY needed it, thankfully hubby put it back on the shelf.

    Considering we are upgrading Jake to a twin bed for his birthday in June and hubby insists on getting J a racecar bed that costs 425 bucks without a mattress/Bo spring or bedding I am relieved he put t back on the shelf. We're running out of room to put everything!! Time for a cull of the toys methinks!

  3. Ah yes, my husband is also a total sucker. When Little Miss was 2 he bought her tickets to go see the Wiggles. This year, when she was 3.5 he bought her tickets to go see the Imagination Movers.

    Not just regular tickets but VIP tickets so that would could go the meet and greet. I won't even tell you how much those tickets cost but needless to say, they were NOT cheap!

    I am a new follower but I have enjoyed your blog.