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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An interesting warning... Aka Ramble on, Linds.

So... "Anonymous" (the social/supposedly "not anarchistic" hacktivist group who fights for freedom and the rights of people to not be infringed upon) is claiming they are going to "kill Facebook" because they believe that Fb is selling your private information to the FBI and CSIS, etc... therefore allowing agencies to spy on you as a private citizen; on November 5th, 2011. ("Remember, remember the fifth of November...") I guess in some sort of homage to the anarchical Guy Fawkes, and the Guy Fawkes masks they prefer to wear?

Considering Anonymous claims that they were responsible for having royally f*cked both the BART website for San Francisco's rapid transit; on the 15th of August, 2011 (with "ample due warning"...) and the playstation network for quite a long period of time. (A month I think? Perhaps longer?)

I believe I'm going to be prudent (or just paranoid?) and download all of my media from here just to be safe so I don't lose it all. Facebook offers this service for free, by the way. I may be paranoid, but losing all of my videos and pics of vacations, crafts, holidays and pics of my son growing up over the last three years would break my heart, and it's easy enough to do so there's no real harm in it, I suppose.

For the record, I hate these kind of fear-mongering status updates/notes but I looked it up on the anonymous news aggregate site where it is *not* mentioned yet, but their YouTube channel (@anonymoususd ; which claims it *IS* authentic... though I am uncertain if that is their "official" youtube channel) There could be a hundred gung-ho morons out there itching to pretend to be anon. It seems... Perhaps, genuine? Who knows?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh? What do you think?

There's always google plus. If anyone wants an invitation to that, I have 150 of them.

I dunno what information they think CSIS /FBI types are gonna get on me, personally, other than that I play Farmville, like to do crafts, take a zillion pics of my boring everyday life and my handsome little boy and bake a shit-ton of cookies so my husband stays happy and I get my chocolate chip cookie fix.

My address? Shit, they could just get that from my ISP.



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  1. I actually believe the Facebook threat to be a non-credible one. Because of Anonymous' (non)leadership channels, pretty much anyone can put up a video like that and claim to be Anonymous. Still, it could be a double bluff. They are supposedly working on a new kind of hacking tool.