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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Overheard: Conversations With My Five Year Old...

My husband is working this weekend, and I've spent the last 2 days taking care of a sick little boy, who has a pretty hard core cold.

Jake: Hey mom, you know what's better than Lasagna?
Me: What darlin'?
Jake: Love.
Me: Love is indeed better than lasagna, my dear heart.

Less than 5 minutes later during a chat:

Jake: Hey Mom, when you die...
Me: ...Huh?
J: When you die, I will keep your heart in a jar. Shaped like a heart. On the mantle.
Me: (In my head) *What the actual fuck?* (out loud) Oh...

Ten minutes later:

Jake: (Showing me toys he's playing with) "This is the Daddy, and this is the son, but there is no mommy, because she's dead.
Me: Dude! What's up with the general theme of "dead mom" you have going on here? I am getting concerned...
J: Muah-ha-ha-ha!
Me: Very funny.

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  1. I ♥ Master J and the sense of humor he has...and the confusion