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Monday, March 12, 2012

Making Something for Myself!

Though it definitely gets used by the rest of the household! Hah!

Upon some advice before I started to make a bunch of quilts as various presents to family and friends, it was suggested to me to do up a quilt of my own for myself (and of course a matching pillow slip for my snuggling needs! Off to fabricland I went with my most amazing cousin, and bought myself some 13 meters of fabric, a selection of five from the same family of prints, and then some batiks that will be used in another project of some sort, perhaps a lap blanket for my girlfriend or just put into my beginners fabric stash!

the back of the pillow, it is a slipcover,
binding exactly like the quilt.

front of the pillow, matching to some extent the
quilt. The squares are 4 inch.

top of the quilt - yellows are off it's more a creamy tone than bright yellow,
finished quilt size is approximately 65 by 80.
the back of the quilt, I had to find a creative way to back it.
 I split the black lengthwise and then used the blocks and strips of the
same fabric colours that I used in the top panel.

Anyways, the "pattern" was very simple, just four block squares, alternating the floral pattern, I "stitched in the ditch" for the majority of the quilting as I'm quite the beginner, on my brand new Brother SQ9050 sewing machine that my hubby got me for Valentines day!

Why hello there, beautiful... Are you staying for a while?

yes I quilted the bejesus out of this test of batting
and previous fabric from Jake's quilt

In the end I'm glad I made something for myself first, before I tried to tackle a queen size bedspread, (a wedding present for my hubby's niece.) as I made quite a few mistakes (since fixed) I was apparently using the wrong foot, and when stitching up the back of the quilt there were quite a few sections where I had to go over the seams. Unfortunately this happened after I had basted and quilted the entire thing, so creativity was required in correcting the problem.  I have yet to run it through the washing machine after I finished it, so hopefully it doesn't result in an explosion of batting in my washing machine. :s

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  1. You are going to be a pro at this sooner rather than later I'm thinking. It looks fantabulous AfterEight!