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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bullied vs. Bully.

(eff bombs ahoy... Sorry I was passionate!)

There's a viral video that has been going around lately about two boys in middle school in Australia, one, a skinny boy named Ritchard Gale, (seemingly unprovoked) approaches a larger boy named Casey Heynes, grabbing the front of Casey's shirt, punches him in the face, and then after being stopped when he attempted a second swing to his face, goes for Casey's gut. Casey picks up Ritchard like a piece of kindling, and then brutally body slams him on pavement. 

It's quite honestly, horrifying to watch.

Here's the video, for those that haven't seen it and want a better idea of it without my written description. I have no idea how long it will remain available, but if you haven't seen it yet, it's a total eye opener.

Casey Heynes (bullied kid fights back) by felixggenest

Now, I just finished watching an interview on YouTube from both boys. I think there is more to the story than what the original video shows, and I personally think both children should be punished for their behaviour. Richard for picking on and assaulting Casey, but Casey as well for almost crippling Richard. Violence begets violence, and what happened here is inexcusable on both parts.

I can hear the trolls now, "Oh Casey is a HERO! He stood up to bullying! How can you say that?!" I can already hear the bullshit reasoning saying things like "What if it was a woman being raped would you punish the rapist and the woman?" (the answer is NO. I'm not an asshole, and there is a big, BIG difference.) I will honestly tell you I'm no advocate of bullying, or violence, I was bullied both physically and verbally for my ENTIRE school life. It's hard, it's not pleasant, it brought me to the verge of killing myself once as a teenager.

However, I've seen this video three or four times now, and what everyone is saying/doing is vilifying this boy (YES! I said it, he's a BOY! HE is a CHILD!) online, on facebook in some pretty horrifying groups and pages, in forums, celebrating Casey's "self-defense" against Ritchard. Yeah, self-defense is one thing, but he could have broken that stupid kid's spine, hips or legs. I fully understand reacting in anger, the fight or flight syndrome, etc... but doesn't it scare you a little? What brought things to such a head full of steam that Casey's only and last resort was turning Ritchard into a pile of kindling?

This Ritchard Gale, who totally did something despicable, contemptible, it's appalling. He knows he did, but why did he do it? What is the underlying psychological reason as to this skinny little shit wailing on this much larger boy, other than stupidity and the obvious desire to get the crap kicked out of him? Because it doesn't seem like this kid is stupid. It doesn't seem like this kid has a suicidal streak in him that screams out "Hey! Let's go punch some fat kid in the face and then see if he can break my hips!" Ritchard says that he's been bullied by OTHER children throughout his middle school years. He's from a family that isn't together anymore, and probably has an unstable home life. I'm not trying to make this kid sound innocent, because he obviously has done what he has done, there is video evidence of that, but people have to realize that this is a vicious, catch 22 cycle.  Bullied kid becomes bully. unstable home lives lead to aggression, anger, fear. And you know what? The average 10-16 year old boy is NOT capable of dealing with those kind of emotions. Hell, most grown up's aren't capable of dealing with those kind of emotions.

Casey says in his interview that he filed at least 60 complaints/reports to the school administration about the bullying he was recieving from Ritchard, which goes to say, where the hell were Casey's parents? Again, where the hell were Casey's parents? And WHY weren't they asking their son about his life and his school situation? You're supposed to pay attention to your children. it's your job to protect them, it's your job to HELP them. 

This is what I'm getting at with this:


How many times have you dismissed a child out of hand because what they were bringing up to your attention was distracting you from your daily routine or goals, and let's face it, kids do talk a lot of nonsense. Here's a reality check for you, if nothing else. They are CHILDREN, you are an adult, and as your children, they are your responsibility. Why the hell was Casey filling out reports, instead of Casey's mom and dad? Why weren't Casey's parents raising a hellva ruckus over their son being threatened/assaulted? Maybe they were, but if that's the case, then why was Casey still attending this school when there's obviously a serious problem with another student there? Why wasn't social services from the government stepping in and educating and counselling these kids? What about school counsellors? Nothing was happening? WHY?  I know it seems like I'm beleaguering the hell out of this, but seriously, It took 60 reports and multiple bullying  incidents between these two kids and apparently absolutely nothing happened until this video was posted on the internet/went viral and THEN people fucking noticed.

Appalling. Something is definitely wrong here.

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  1. Bullies and being bullied has been around since the stone ages. I think that must be where the bullies are stuck actually. We spend countless hours, days and weeks saying to our children, If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all, Not everyone is going to be your friend, Just walk away and find an adult, Or sticks and stone may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Kids I find are calling names less and headed straight for the physical. I have seen it myself with my own child. I have scared a couple kids straight just with the threat of I am going to talk to your Dad. Not all kids are built that way.
    As a child my Brother and I were both bullied. I had the shit kicked out of me more times than I can remember and was called fat when I was skinny as a rail just because a girl wanted to make me feel bad. She did. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder at age 13. Congrats Deanna.
    It took 5 years to get over the food part and part of my heart still wonders if I am pretty enough or is my waist too big?! Check out karma though I looked you up on facebook and you look like a fucking junky! ha ha I win at life, I'll give you grade 5&6.
    Back to being an adult & Mum. I am very firm with my kids. I have a zero tolerance policy for bad behaviour. K & M are taught do unto other, Friend hug their friends not hit them, Because if you hit your friends you won't have any. I have another policy that is taught as a back up. If you get hit first it is okay to hit back. With the amount of kids whos parents that just don't care. You gotta give your kids something.
    Bullying is NOT right. DON'T be a Bully. DON'T allow yourself or your kids to be a victim.