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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If you could only have one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pizza

Where is the furthest place from home that you've travelled to? NYC or Hawaii. Both were awesome.

What is your favourite sound? Silence. So rare now with a kid!

List three things in the nearest proximity to you right now. My kid, his iPod and my iPod.

What are the first three things you would do after finding out you won the lottery? Pay off debt entirely, a vacation somewhere beautiful and tropical or Scotland, Ireland and England! (hell, BOTH!) Buy a gorgeous dream house.

What was the last thing someone said to you that you'll remember forever? "I love you, mommy!"

Do you wish upon a star? Almost every night when I see one.

What is your favourite day of the week? Fridays.

What is/was your favourite 80's sitcom? Umm... Roseanne, probably.

Do you think moustaches are sexy? Some are, but only on men. ;)

Do you like talking raunchy, or being spoken to in a raunchy manner during sex? No, not really. Most of the time it's cheesy. It's a fine line between sexy and ridiculous. So play it safe and stfu.

What do you find the most disgusting? Too many things. I guess child abuse.

If you could have anything, absolutely anything right now, what would it be? The winning lottery ticket!

What are your three favourite smells? Rain on hot cement, men's cologne, my kid right out of the tub.

If you could push one person off the edge of a cliff, and get away with it, would you do it? I wish i could live with myself afterwards, but i wouldn't be able to.

If so, who would it be? Nope, not going there. Those that know me well enough have a good idea who it would be.

Have you heard any rumours about me lately? (Alli Bell) just that your rockin' hawt in the sack! Ok I made it up. (even though it's probably true.) No, no "rumours".

Can we get together and make a cake? Heck yes we can! What kind of cake?

Have we kissed each other? Not on ze lips!

Have you ever snooped around someone else's house? Uhhh, a long time ago. I don't really delve into people's personal stuff unless they offer the information or ask for advice/opinions. There is just certain stuff you can't unsee in someone's medicine cabinet. I even feel bad looking for replacement TP rolls.

Can you curl your tongue? Yep!

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  1. Pretty funny, some of my answers would be similar. Except for the cliff one... LOL