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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"A Wild Elementary School Appears!"

So Today. Jake and I were minding our own business at the mall. I had to go to the doctors, I just found out that I've got a double middle ear infection, so I had to get some antibiotics for it. Yuck. I feel like I'm six years old again! When I was a kid I had chronic ear infections, probably 3-4 times a year. I haven't had one in about 25 years. I forgot how much they hurt!

So anyways, Jake and I are chowing down on lunch, I get a coffee, I'm doing a bit of referencing for a potential educational interest (I'm looking into becoming a certified gemologist) so I was speaking to a few of the owners of the local jewelery stores. It's either this or midwifery. I know, Odd disparity in choices, but those two things interested me the most. I like Shinies, and I like babies/can handle being in stressful situations just fine as long as it's not me who's the stressed out party.

So I'm by the Starbucks, and all the sudden this RIVER of elementary school kids starts pouring by. I'm not kidding, like 6 kids wide and endless kids long, it was INSANE. Apparently the intermediate kids from a local Elementary school (so grades 4-7, I believe?) swamped the mall, and busted out some dance moves for Green awareness (?) to Katy Perry's Firework. It was pretty cool. Unfortunately I was at the rear of the performance, so I didn't get their cute little faces in the shot. But it was still awesome! I am guessing there was somewhere between 200-300 kids out there shaking their groove thangs!

Check out the video!

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