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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Letter Inside...

A Legit, hard-core chubby chaser tried to randomly add me on Facebook from a comment on a 9gag post I made, God knows when. I know this because he messaged me (since I have it set to only friends of friends can send me requests.) His email has been in my "other" folder for almost a month, I never bother to check it. 
His public profile is littered with a variety of pornographic BBW and Fat women page likes and images of fanart. His "Nickname" or "other" name is something fairly pornographic as well. And let's be honest... Usually there's only 1 reason randos add you on FB.

#1 I'm married, not looking, and not even interested in looking.
#2. I am 35 years old. Just... NO. I am way too old for this shit.
#3. Why are you approaching grown women with that kind of behaviour? It reeks of desperation. GO into chat rooms with amiable women who are interested in being treated like objects.
#4. I don't mind being thought of as attractive, because I know I am pretty; and truthfully it doesn't even matter to me that others find me attractive. My self-worth is not tied to my body, or how people see it and react to it. It took me a long, long time to get to this point, and I slip up occasionally, but my do not give a fuck level for what other people think of my body is at a point where *I* am content with it. I care about how I look to ME. My body is a work in progress, it's something I am in constant negotiations with. It's something I am learning to love, and something I am working on every day.
However, I have another opinion entirely on being fetishized because I am a fat person. I am not my fat. I am not my belly and tits and thighs. I just happen to have them. That's all. That shit is dehumanizing and completely 100% unattractive. BEING fetishized DOES make me feel bad about my body, because I know I am so much more than my flesh envelope. 

I am the letter inside.

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