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Monday, January 31, 2011

freaking technology...

I need help...

I've changed my twitter name to something as I had an unsavoury follower on my account, and switched my timeline to private. Since then I decided to switch my username to @spitencupcakes, changing it from @misslinds. I also removed it from private timeline as the client to create an RSS widget on Blogger Twitter clearly states that it will not work with a private timeline.

NOW, twitter is having conniptions and I'm unsure as to whether it's due to the site itself which is notorious for fucking up, or if it's due to my nickname change. What I'm trying to do is incorporate a twitter feed into the sidebars.

I don't know if this makes any sense, I used to be so good at this stuff!


  1. um. it's probably twitter. delete all your cookies (for twitter, blogger, etc.) and see if that helps? I dunno, I hate and don't use twitter...

  2. I think it was definitely twitter, maybe because I was trying to create the widget moments after changing my @name. It was still showing my old tweets as my old name it's since changed them over to the new one. I haven't tried remaking the widget yet but will soon. Thanks tho Alan! Xox

  3. It was a browser issue. I closed my firefox, used flock, and it worked flawlessly, both for updates and grabbing the code. Go figure!