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Monday, February 14, 2011


Nothing bothers me more (Okay, a few things do...) On my COMPUTER than when my itunes files are scattered everywhere on my hard drive and my songs aren't organized to within an inch of my life in my iTunes itself. when I'm talking organized I mean: Name of album, artist, genre, all the artist names are exactly the same, I will highlight them all and change them all to match with capitalization and everything. I'm very anal retentive about my music collection.

It used to take me hours upon hours to get it to my liking, thanks to sloppy torrent uploaders, with horrific file extensions, etc etc, and it used to be mainly just my albums that I had in there, as I was a frequent purchaser of albums in a *gasp* real! music store.

I was so disgusted when my external hard drive shat the bed (and it died, hard. The disc reader was skipping on the media head. I was so distraught!) and I lost everything I had for music, over 5 years of accumulated stuff that I had either sold the cd's for since they take up too much space, or had shared with me by friends and family that I basically ignored my music library for months after re-downloading and re-importing my few very important personal albums into my itunes, and now it's getting to the point where it's unavoidable, it MUST be reorganized. the power of my OCD compels me.

So, yeah... That's what I'm doing on my Valentine's day evening... Reorganizing my iTunes library. My husband is already asleep. He was sleeping before I even finished putting our kid to bed. (for the 19th time. He's discovered how fun it is to torture me by getting out of bed a thousand times because it's FUNNY for him, and drives me absolutely around the bend.) Nice huh? I hope some of you are actually, you know, boning tonight. Or experiencing some sort of romance or some shit, 'cause I was sort of hoping I would have been. Bah.

Happy Valentine's Day, yo.

Currently Listening to artist: Bruno Mars
Album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans
(Also, The sound of the rain pounding the crap out of my house.)

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