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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Rant About Parents...

Today, I went for a haircut in the early afternoon, while my cousin Sylvie watched Jake in the Mall play-centre as he ran about like a maniac, getting rid of his stir-crazies. My haircut turned out lovely, but afterward in the play centre, which is pure fun for my 2.5 year old, and the seventh level of hell for me. I'll explain why, but first I should say that I'm really, really angry inside about this. The language in this will reflect that. I'm absolutely furious.

Like I said, Jake is a little over 2.5 years old, but because of genetics, he's built like a freaking linebacker, he's almost three feet, six inches tall, and approximately 60 lbs in weight. He's a big boy. This is pretty much expected (given the size that the men in my family reach) my dad is six four and a half and about 240 lbs, Cliff is six three and about 190 lbs, though he's running a bit skinny lately probably around 160 at the moment from working so hard and not eating lunch or breakfast when he needs to be.

I have moments where I like to tear my hair out from frustration because I NEED to explain everything to Jacob in minute details, and as soon as I do that he will basically listen to everything I tell him to do, as long as he gets a reason for WHY he has to behave the way he needs to behave. I don't know if this is common for most parents, but this is common for him. He needs a reason to do what I tell him to do. In a way it's good that he questions authority for the sake of questioning, it's good that he needs a reason, I respect that about my son. As a matter of fact, I'm much the same way.

Jake is usually sweet, attentive and kind, but as all toddlers are, he's very curious, he likes to run around, and he's sometimes impatient as ALL 2.5 year olds are. Sometimes he's also not aware as to how strong he is despite regular reminders that he needs to slow down and make sure he's gentle, so occasionally when overexcited, he accidentally bowls over some miniscule toddler in the play center. I stop him, talk to him, bring him back to the little one and make him apologize. He ALWAYS says he's sorry, and it's always a genuine apology. On top of this I always make sure the little one is okay, and apologize to their parent(s) just to make sure there are no hard feelings. Some parents are not of the same opinion, Jake has been pushed by older, bigger Children in full line of sight of their parents and myself, and the parents ignore the fact that their kid just shoved someone quite a bit smaller than they are and ignore it. When Jake comes up to me with tears running down his face, his fun ruined, I have to explain that some kids are rude, and some parents are irresponsible.

Today neither of those events happened. Instead, today my son and I were subjected to "mommy scorn" from some stupid cunt with a superiority complex, in her Walmart special shirt, mommy jeans, scraggly haircut and barefoot, filthy, whining brats, (in the play center, YUCK! can you say foot fungus or warts! Eww.) Jake is social and friendly for the most part, so when the littlest of the girls came over to play on the smaller slide and Jake noticed she had no socks, he wanted a closer look at her feet. Whatever, yes, I totally think it's a little weird too, but he's curious, and he's 2.5. He asked me why she wasn't wearing any socks, and having no polite (and honest) answer, I just told him that her mommy didn't put any on her. Jake wanted to talk to her, so he trailed her around, and I guess she was shy, so she went over to her mom. This lady scooped up her kid and gave my son the DIRTIEST fucking look I've ever seen, just for being a regular kid. I had to go and pull him away a few times from wanting to talk to her daughter, and every time I looked up at this mother afterward she was shooting me the dirtiest looks imaginable, until I finally got so angry I had to take Jake and leave the play area in order to stop myself from giving the cunt a piece of my mind (or my fist) in front of small children. On national "anti-bully" day, (for whatever that is worth, it's obviously not accomplishing much.) this bitch was staring me down, making me feel bad about myself and making me feel bad for my child being curious and normal. Judging me. Judging Jake!

As most bullies are, she was too cowardly to actually SAY anything to me, and after I gave her a hard stare back, she decided that perhaps I wasn't the easiest target to talk shit about because she shut her mouth pretty quickly after flapping her gums about my son and I to the few mommies around her. What she said exactly I don't know, (and I don't really care, as I didn't do anything "wrong") Sure my kid may have had a bit of tummy showing from a t shirt that was unfortunately a little too small, (gee, thanks growth spurts) but he was happy, smiling and playing nicely with other children. At least he wasn't wandering around contracting foot fungus/diseases because I was too lazy to put socks on him and protect him instead of not giving a shit about the rules of the playground, or stuffing fingers that had wiped all over germ covered surfaces into his mouth and sucking on them like her daughter was doing.

In all honesty, I can totally understand why my mom didn't really associate with other moms, and didn't participate in the big family events that happened with schools, because if this is just a taste of my future dealing with bitches like this, I'm just not going to have many mommy friends at Jake's school. I don't have time for the posturing, the bullshit, the competimom/helicopter parenting/"super"- mom shit that goes on. No fucking thank-you. I have better things to do with my time than feel bad because someone else wants to make themselves feel superior.

To all those parents that try to make other parents feel less because they THINK they are doing a better job, Go screw yourselves. Hard. Also, go take a headlong tumble into reality-ville. My kid is happy, healthy, generous, sweet, funny, well mannered (for the most part) and smarter than you'll ever know, because you decided to judge him before you even knew him, based on something insignificant. I would NEVER make you feel bad about your child, why would you feel it's necessary to make me feel bad about mine? If you don't like what I'm doing, don't stick your nose in my fucking business, and save tossing your rocks at me for when you don't live in a shittier glass house than I do.

I fucking hate people.

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