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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

50 Things I Like About Myself...

This is a challenge given by my girlfriend Alli, to see if we could write 50 things about yourself that you like. Here are mine. Keep in mind this is things I like about myself, not always "positive" things but things I've learned to accept about my persona. I challenge YOU to write the same (you don't need to share it if you don't want to!) I found it to be a definite booster to my pretty ragged feeling self-esteem level today.

1. sense of humour.
2. the shape of my eyes.
3. my skin after I shower and shave my legs.
4. my writing style.
5. my handwriting.
6. my Intelligence.
7. that I am left handed.
8. when I'm genuinely entertained by something my laugh is awesome. Usually a cackle.
9. my ability to think logically sometimes.
10. my extensive vocabulary.
11. my ability to read anything quickly.
12. my physical strength.
13. how deeply I love my son.
14. the shape of my hands and my feet
15. that I still have faith in humanity, and seeing examples of humans doing amazing things makes me cry
16. My willingness to admit "I don't know the answer to that." and then to research and educate myself on it almost immediately.
17. that I like pretty much anything to do with music.
18. I can sleep anytime in the day.
19. I like my ability to be scandalized. This is a new development as this never used to happen 5 years ago.
20. that I have mellowed with age.
21. there is a healthy level of cynicism with my sense of humour.
22. that I can re-read books over and over again. One of my favourite things to do is get lost in a familiar story.
23. I like that I can swear like a sailor. My mother hates it but this isn't about her.
24. that I've learned definite lessons from my previous mistakes in life.
25. that I rarely blow dry/flat iron/do anything other than put my hair up in a ponytail. It's always in pretty good condition even a year in between haircuts.
26. that I am a brunette. I <3 brunettes.
27. my dated pop-culture knowledge. Yeah that's right, I can kick your ass at 80s and 90's trivial pursuit.
28. that if I had a choice I'd be 70% carnivore and 20% carbafarian, and the rest can (I guess) be vegetables. Yep. Veggies suck, but I eat them anyways. (and in a more balanced ratio.)
29. my love of nirvana, soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Most 90s music in general, actually.
30. my ability to USE common sense as well as possess it.
31. my ability to be 100% emotional instead of logical at times.
32. my absolutely mind-bendingly confusing methodology of arguing/fighting. LOL!
33. the fact that as I get older I am refusing more and more to deal with bullshit. My own included. I wish I'd been like this years ago.
34. I love that I LOVE diamonds.
35. my calves. I got my mom's gams.
36. my lips.
37. my honesty regarding my housekeeping, gardening and fish keeping abilities. I'm pretty shitty at all three.
38. despite the fact that I'm terrible at all three, I still try, try, try. I'm still shit at folding laundry though. Maybe because I hate it.
39. the fact that I am tolerant to a point about almost anything but when I reach that boiling point I put my foot down and it's no going back ever again.
40. my love of designer perfumes.
41. that I can be pretty deep and also superficial at the same time. It all depends on how well you know me as to how many levels you get to see.
42. my abilities with technology. I'm not to shoddy at doing most things on a computer/smartphone/etc.
43. that I can be really really sweet and supportive, or a real fucking bitch, depending on how you treat me.
44. that I am particular about my chocolate.
45. I do not drink very often.
46. I love that I can bring the house down at karaoke.
47. how anal I am about my itunes music library. It's organized within an inch of it's existence.
48. I am an excellent verbal communicator, but an even better written communicator.
49. I'm a good instructor/teacher/helper.
50. I'm a damned good cook and baker.

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