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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Me: Hey, is it dinner time?

Jake: Yes!

Me: Then why are you playing with a toy at the table?*

Jake - (affronted**): It not a TOY, Mommy. It a SCHRAWBURBBY!!

Me: Ooooh, forgive my error, your Majesty. It is indeed a strawberry.

Jake: Yes! It IS. *pretends a big bite out of it*

Me: Eat your hot dog, please.

Jake: Otay***, mommy.

*(it's a reusable bag that tucks into a strawberry shaped drawstring pouch. It's darling, a wedding present that Jake plays with all the time.)
**(and YES, he actually was affronted at my assumption. I think he gets no higher joy than correcting me when I'm wrong. What an uppity 2.5 year old little shit. He must have learned this from his father.)
***(yes, he truly does say "Otay!" instead of okay. This makes up for uppity shit-ness.

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