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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Overheard: on Cars...

Jake: Sally loves McQueen.
Me: Ooooh! And does McQueen love Sally?
Jake: Yes!
Me: Are they gonna get married someday?
Jake: Naaaaah.
Me: Oh, so they're gonna live in sin?
Jake Nope, McQueen in the closet.
Me: Oh yeah? Him and Tow-Mater, huh?
Jake: Yep. In my bedroom.
Me: Boy, he likes 'em scruffy.

(Seriously, I did NOT make this up. Obviously Jake is taking me literally, as in McQueen actually physically LIVES in the closet, along with all his other toys, He also only has a Tow-Mater, and no Sally toy car... LOL!)

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