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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

After 3 glorious days of above 10 degrees Celsius, (one of them even had SUNSHINE!!) my garden is starting to go crazy! My lilies have grown almost 4 inches taller in one week, which to me is totally crazy! Of course, since I have a black thumb instead of green, and may have accidentally planted the tulip and daffodil bulbs in upside down, (Maybe? I had no instructions!!!) it kind of looks like a drunkard did my landscaping. Whatever... I am still excited to see lots of pretty colours decorating my front garden. Practice makes perfect, right?

All the birds are twitterpating, my ornamental cherry tree is beginning to bud leaves, the bugs are creepy crawling around, and I don't think the skunk who lives behind my garage somewhere really decided to hibernate at all this winter.

What makes YOU excited about spring time? For me it's definitely the warmer temperatures and seeing the world wake up a little bit more every day. I admit I'm an autumn girl because of the smells and colours, but the brightness of spring after a dull winter sure wakes my soul up!

On a completely unrelated note: it's super exciting to see the increase in web traffic being directed here from my tweeps and facebook page, so "Hi everybody!" I hope you're all having a great Friday night, and I am excited to see what potential S,M&C has in store!



  1. Spring for me is the longer light hours that I spend damning the rain clouds. I spend every sunny second outside. I am currently waiting for the last frost so I can plant my veggies. We have two new gardens going on this year. I look forward to laying in my hammock listening to the finches that hang out in our trees.

  2. Spring excites me because its almost summer!
    ...and its not so damn cold out.