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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Can Haz April Fool?

Ok, so I officially fell for 2 pranks this April fools day, one masterfully executed by my cousin Sylvie, (which I don't know If I can forgive her for) because I was so very bummed after I found out it was her joke. She posted on her facebook status that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was being released in May instead of July. I was GLEEFUL. I posted it on a friends page. And the only reason I fell for it was because I didn't think Miss Sylvie was the prankster type. (I should KNOW better, I live with her for gods sake.)

But no, it's still being released on or around July 15th.

Sad. Face. FOREVER! You don't fuck around with a nerd and Harry Potter.

I'll have to get over myself with that one. (I told her she was a stinker, and she laughed and laughed at my disgruntled face!) which I'm sure will happen within moments.

And the other "prank" was by Gmail/Google. Seriously. I'll let you see for yourself.

Now, I wouldn't have fallen for it under normal April 1st circumstances, as I'm pretty wary of anything on that day, and I'm really freaking gullible. But the clincher was that it was linked in my gmail inbox, up in the navigation bars as a new product. Now, admittedly, my email could have possibly been open since the 1st in my browser and and I never actually refreshed the page. but aren't AFD pranks supposed to happen on the 1st, not the 3rd of April? (and technically, aren't pranks supposed to occur only until noon on the first?) I checked it out today and was flabbergasted at the concept, mainly because people would look like total tools dancing around in front of their webcams.

I can type faster than I could charades out a freaking email.

And while I thought looked ridiculous, but more for the guy demoing it than the concept itself. Dude was totally a Creepy McCreeperson. All I could think was poor planning on Google's advertising team! LOL!

though I have to give both Sylvie and Google credit, for as paranoid a person as I am around the first of April, they totally snookered me.

Here's a video that nicely sums up how much I dislike April fools day, It's from Canadian sitcom Corner Gas, and features my favourite character (Davis).

The reasons mostly being that I feel like most pranks are usually malicious and poorly thought out. For example, as a kid, I thought it would be hilarious to put water into the section of the food processor that was used to push food towards the blades. HAHAhahaha...ha..hhhaaaaa.... *sighs* Yes, electrical devices and water, and spinning razor sharp blades. I never said I was brilliant at the age of 10. (I didn't actually do that one, I thought I would get in tons of shit for it.)

Most of my friends seem to rotate around the concept that announcing pregnancies and relationship statuses on facebook was the theme of the day. You know, the kind of blatantly obvious jokes that only fool the people who don't know the actual date.

Except for Sylvie. Who successfully yanked my chain.