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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Question for the Parents...

I have a question for the parents out there, doctors, etc.

Ok, so parenting and government authorities suggest/recommend placing infants on their back to avoid crib death or SIDS in sleep. I can understand this as babies can't physically push themselves over even onto their sides like a toddler can if they end up face down in their mattress and can't get enough air. (obviously, there are other contributing factors to SIDS, but I personally think that the lack of oxygen issue is usually the main issue.

So, being new parents, We followed those instructions and almost lost our son from choking to death on his own vomit during a nap at just under 2 months old. Why? Well, the same reason that babies die from crib death. He couldn't turn his head to let the vomit out of his mouth. Jake was unable to breast feed and he had a pretty harsh reaction to milk based infant formulas, but while working on this problem and in the process of switching to soy based formula, he tended to hurl a lot.

My (amazing! wonderful! super duper father!) husband thankfully heard weird noises coming out of Jake from the next room and saved him from choking to death. Thankfully my husband has St. John's Ambulance level 2 first aide, as well as infant training.

Did I mention I love my husband? I do. Lots. This one action alone would probably redeem him out of pretty much any action that would end him up in the doghouse for the rest of our marriage.

After that, we had him sleeping on his side, no exceptions, with baby wedges tucked around his middle. He couldn't roll one way or the other, and it gave him the ability to have his mouth clear out from his spit-up if he accidentally did it again. which he did, but this time there was no need to turn the kid onto his stomach and make sure he didn't inhale his own sick. It just meant doing more laundry.

What are your opinions on recommended sleeping habits for babies? Do you go with the consensus of health professionals, or do you seek advice from doctors, friends, and family? Do tell.

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