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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quite a task Ahead of Us...

Man, there is so much work to be done in my back and front yard this spring that it's almost a daunting task. I'm glad my husband is as into garden work as I am. Though, if you'd known me 5 years ago, I had little to no interest in anything green and living, as I usually ended up killing it. LOL!

At the moment everything has been kind of piled up against the house that was throughout the back yard last summer, so Jake's toys, trucks, slide, everything, is piled underneath our patio table which has been covered with a tarp. Our patio itself is strewn with vegetation debris from the pines surrounding our yard, and our yard itself is a just a field of pointy, pokey pine/juniper tree bough landmines. I've got to re-prune my Juniper tree in the back which is shaped like a bonsai tree. Last summer after 3 years of overgrowth, it took me 4 hours of pruning to make it look decent and well shaped again.

I'm hoping we can fill the sink hole in the back yard before Jake's birthday rolls around in the end of June, as best as Cliff and I can guess there was a septic tank in the back that has been disconnected and collapsed. We have no desire to dig it out (as we are renters) but filling in the hole and rolling a few rolls of sod over the soil would definitely benefit Jake's heedless scamper across the grass without worrying he was going to go ass over teakettle into it.

Because we had such a mild autumn, my rose bushes in the front were still blooming in November so I didn't get the chance to cut them down, afraid that it would kill them. I was still able to include the deep pink rosebuds in my wedding bouquet! Then, it got cold and I turned into a bear, hibernating for the winter. The same for my Jasmine bush on the side of the house, which I am planning on putting a lattice up behind this year so that it can be more of a height dimensional thing, with tiger lilies below it.

In my front garden, I have to prune my Japanese Maple tree, three juniper bushes (I hate juniper bushes, they always poke me, and not in a good way!) Re-plant my tulip and daffodil bulbs after they have flowered and even out the soil/rake the dead leaves out from underneath my Japanese maple and junipers.

I figure by the end of May, my house will be looking fabulous again, because at this point I don't even want to look into my back yard, and all the clutter!

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