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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy (Pre) Hallowe'en, Spooksters! (photo entry)

I'm not a huge Hallowe'en person, but I am a huge crafts and crafting stuff person. So I enjoy making the costumes, and making the pumpkins look cool, but seriously dislike the fireworks, being scared, yadda yadda. I'm such a pill. 

However, Jake is being a lumberjack as a costume this year, (I have some sort of thing about putting beards on him, maybe it's because he looks like a wee version of my dad?) and I'll post up some pictures on or after Hallowe'en of him in his costume. Because he's really freaking cute.

Here's my pre-Hallowe'en selection of photos for you to browse at your leisure!

My son designed this one.

all of them on the steps up to the door.

My haunted house pumpkin in progress.
This took about 4 hours total to complete.
Finished Haunted house pumpkin.

Ah-hee-hee! This pumpkin is a real THRILLER!
I was literally singing thriller as I took the picture.

My MJ and Jake's second pumpkin. I think his looks rather skeleton-y.

Jake in front 2 of our pumpkins.
Me: Say "Happy Halloween!"
Jake: "No!"
Me: Okay just smile really big!
Jake: Okay. *insert cheesy awkward smile*

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