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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Overheard: On Hallowe'en Costumes...

A Conversation between my Husband and myself:

Linds, while making an attempt at a Hallowe'en costume princess hat, to my Hubby, as I place the hat on my head: "Hey baby, how do you think I could attach this hat to this headband?"

Hubby: *Pauses "Cover Me Canada", turns around and looks at me. There is this bizarre expression on his face and complete silence... You can hear crickets chirping.*

Linds: "I look retarded in this, don't I?"

Hubby: Trying to cover a huge grin with his hand. "No honey, Not at all."

Linds: "You're an absolutely terrible liar.

I love you. 

*pause* I'm so not putting this crap on my head."

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