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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Overheard: On Labour and Babies...

Jake, randomly to me as I am putting him to bed: "So the mommy had her legs up like THIS!" (in labour position knees to chest. Under his blankets he looks like a turtle on it's back, which I guess is kind of accurate...)

Me, completely baffled: "Uh huh?"

Jake: "And she had a baby in her tummy! Her legs were like THIS!!! (turtles again) And then the baby came out of her bum!"

Me: (being slightly vague about "parts") "Yep, that's sort of what happens... Usually..."

Jake: "And the mommy was owies, then the baby was out and he was soooo not happy! He was *voice squeaking, showing me his thumb and forefinger an inch or two apart* teeny! Itty bitty and CRYING!"

Me: "A little bigger than that; but yes, you're right they are very small, just like you were when you were born. And babies do cry when they are born, just like you did. They do get happy. Eventually."

Jake: "Woooooowwwww" *pauses, looks in my belly button* "Where is he?"

Me: "There's no baby there yet, kiddo... So I take it you want a baby brother or sister?"

Jake: "Yyyyyesssssss!"

Me: "All right. Give it a year. It'll be a while."

Jake: Yyyyyyaaaaaaayyyy!

Three year olds are a constant source of amazement! Hehe!

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