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Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Time Flies!

 1 year ago today I married the love of my life in our living room with close family and friends in attendance. Our JP was a really nice guy named Don that I picked on the BC Justice of the Peace website because I liked how awesome his smile was, when all the rest of them looked like they were sucking lemons in their pictures. (to be fair I'm sure they were perfectly fine, but I liked Don's smile.)

We had our "reception" at The White Spot restaurant in New Westminster, and everybody paid for themselves, in a casual, heartwarming grouping of all the people we loved best in the world that could make it on short notice (1 month from planning our wedding until the actual date...) It was intimate and wonderful and exhausting, and I sincerely hope I never forget a single thing about it.

My cousin Shannon paid for our flowers as a beautiful wedding present, my Auntie Peggy and Shannon combined culinary talents and made the most delectable french macarons (orange creme and vanilla creme sandwiched in between orange and vanilla flavoured delectable almond flour wafers, oh my god divine...) as our wedding favours, my best friend Heather was my matron of honour, and both Heather and my cousin Sylvie (who basically was my bridesmaid, if she were to have a title.) were infinitely helpful during the days before and the day of (and the days after, ha!) our wedding. We spent hours doing a bunch of different things the day before the actual ceremony, and Heather saved me hundreds of dollars by making boutonnieres and pin-on corsages for our wedding guests at the house. I feel like I'm leaving out thanks to people a year down the road, but suffice to say that whoever helped us do anything, the gratitude is there. Our little wedding wouldn't have gone nearly as smoothly without your help.

I have so many memories of that day, like my then two year old niece telling me that I looked like a beautiful princess, and then tooting in my hand! Hee! But the thing that stands out the most for me is the enormous smile on my Cliffy's face, when we finished saying our vows, that memory still makes me grin, and still brings tears to my eyes. I love you, my sweet, frustrating, stubborn, handsome, smart, artistic, talented husband. You gave me our son, you gave me your heart.

I love you so much. Happy first wedding anniversary, honey.

Loooooooveeeerrrssss.... In a not so dangerous time...

Uh, Yeah... I'd say mischief. *sighs*

All photographs taken by Heather Anderson-Clelland of

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  1. What's Cliff looking at in that third picture?