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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"...And I Winned!"

Jake is playing on the leapster explorer handheld device that he got for Christmas. While playing a train game he just started a few minutes ago for the first time, he starts cheering:

"Yaaaaaaayyyy! Hey Mommy! See! I did this! I push this button here with the pen and it moves the tracks to the right. And the train can get through into a tunnel and then I winned! I'm a train master!"

Me: (thinking in my head) *Holy shit! he knows his lefts and rights, properly, and even I have trouble with them sometimes, I'm 31. He also just said an entire paragraph describing exactly how to play the game without me showing him anything, and he figured it out within 2 minutes. I HAVE A GENIUS CHILD!*

(out-loud) Excellent buddy, way to go!

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