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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Poem...

T'was the day of Christmas and all through the house;
some hacking some snoring, except for the Haus(frau). 

The living room a disaster with toys everywhere;
the dishwasher's going without going anywhere!

The turkey breast; stuffing, in the slow cooker cooking;
Mommy's wishing for booze, but not really looking.
The preschooler (not) napping; toy shark in his fist; 
Mommy's heard him making noise, Oh gosh, now she's pissed! 
(not really...)
A ham, turkey, chicken, some veggies and pie; 
I'll be beat when I hit the hay ain't tellin' no lie!

Merry Christmas to all, It's been a long day; 
I'm tired but I'm happy, can't wait til tonight!


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